Go away, silly one

Go away, silly one, that don’t know of loss,

dub yourself loser, leave joker, laughter not here,

wailed a lady in crowd, all noise did pause,

now clad colourful, old black dresses didn’t smear;

I spoke, I lost but a dream, not living, loving soul,

came not to mourn or share, yet I do care,

gone days of joy, nights of sleep, dreams stole,

gone thunder, rain, rainbow and lighting’s glare;

what desert, as gone the sand beneath my feet,

gone breeze, even mighty sea without time to see,

gone sweet home, now a thorn, my last retreat,

no refuge, no place known to shelter, nowhere to flee;

innocence lost, ignorance cost, spoilt forecast, time flew fast,

gone courage, morals, little laurels, tears and laughter,

gone stories, movies, idle banter, carefree canter of past,

know not where all went, my life spent, grew softer;

pride, confidence, dreams gone with skill and wisdom,

never lost any near and dear, just lost an empty dream,

not compare losses, my misery trifle, akin to boredom,

you lost forever, loved ones, to death, time’s stream;

music, song, poems and prose scribbles died long ago,

forgot drinks, dinners, friends with just cigarette in hand,

didn’t love a soul, lost none, yet your grief with me grow,

despite troubles and sorrow, your feet planted firm on land;

for you love and so live, I merely forgive, you strive, you give,

give your thought and action calmly to those that remain,

those gone, a strong memory, you forever mourn and grieve,

parent, sibling, child or friend, leave void, stain uncleared by strain;

but folks enshrined in history to pavement dweller has to leave,

all love, except vile like me that can’t, from terrorist to rapist,

even I can’t deny being loved, a love that can’t be worn on sleeve,

gone sun, stars, days and nights, not the memory in our midst;

cherish memory with tears or laughter,

dead find lease in your memories, yet how long,

perish with you, you a memory, ones in your’s, lost chapter,

no matter, unsought immortality, till lasts hear love’s song;

Go away confused one, come when know what you want, what to say,

let us in peace pray, why without clarity or purpose, you here stray?

(This is partly done and shall be continued in future posts)





Oh, I am to the core afraid

Oh, I am to the core afraid,

there a coiled slithering snake,

fear deep rooted got wide,

paralysed I, like a frozen lake;

I closed my eyelids willing it to disappear,

a vision of her haunted me,

thoughts bitter whirled to tear,

made fear withdraw and flee;

self loathing reigned supreme,

mixed with hatred for her,

she was sweet as a cream,

yet now her virtues blur;

heart filled with distress, rage and boiling heat,

thinking it was her I stomped the snake with my bare feet.




She was a fair

She was a fair shapely beauty, adequate,

like a peacock that has bared all colours,

a squirrel gazing in innocence she resonate,

beauty enough to have many a callers;

playful like a child I thought of her fond,

but how much was connived I now wonder,

yet while it lasted we shared a special bond,

my iron heart and golden gifts she did plunder;

the impress of kisses she left is long gone,

yet there is a dancing ache from lip to belly,

a void filled with pain remembering each dawn,

I am now a pale shadow, unkempt and smelly;

I can’t settle for anyone but her, such was our magic,

she won’t come, wish her luck, I’ve you, nothing tragic.

Before the night is over

Before the night is over
the world shall kiss my feet,
Drunk on pride, I’ll never be sober,
all pains and sorrows shall beat retreat;

Before the night is over
she should come bowing to me,
beseeching not to be the vengeful lover
I’ll sadistically enjoy it with Glee;

My family, blood relations, friends
shall serve me stooping beneath me,
all dreams true with none that contends
or opposes my anger and cruel decree;

for this is my last night on Earth
towards hell I breathe my last breath.

Errant fool

Err(… )ant hill is love.
Her choice…
Break up is good.
Your choice…
Break down is not.
Her tem…pestuous nature err…or, your callous self. Whatever the reason. Move on.
Nothing lost that can’t be gained.
Yet closed woman’s heart with a window open.
Lost for eternity.

Oh darling

Oh!, darling, I thought you were strong,
you did ditch me, I was really wrong,
for my depth, you’re too shallow,
this misery won’t make me wallow,
you’ll sure weep on Mr.Right’s boring song.