Once made a solemn

Once made a solemn vow

to be the one first to go,

prophecied it was eons ago,

even if were others in tow;

yet prayed for it once more,

why such furore, asked folks crore,

coz to me loss of pleasure,

greater than pain’s measure;

then why not gone in such anguish,

coz hope flutters and can’t squish,

of immortal writings and conquest,

yet unbearable burden of the test;

yet soon I will go,

without much ado.

World pushes me

World pushes me

to work hard

and fight with might,

sacrifce and rise,

they say coffers will fill,

coffers or coffins

bother me nought

but where love gone

in such crude world?

love is work too I know,

love is laughter I feel

as much as tears fought,

won’t it be better

if work, fight and all

be done by proclaimed love

than by pain of unrequited love.

Odd things happen around

Odd things happen around me,

I ain’t sad but just bad,

not health, wealth or character see,

all to me a passing fad;

me wise is a king of the vices,

gambler courting luck, quick buck,

waiting to trap any princess of spices,

but me frank in murk, a sitting duck;

easy hunted by her guards,

yet I tarry forward towards danger,

haunted by female magic wards,

beg to hunt down, me lonely ranger;

let world send hell or heavy water,

will take home my prize with laughter.

Why do we live?

Why do we live? What is our purpose, principles and values? Do we have any integrity? Are we capable of loving and caring truly?

Or is it all an excuse to occupy ourselves till the next moments of lust satiation?

Whatever it is Kahlil Gibran says pleasure is good but seven are her sisters as good. So let us take time to indulge with those seven even as we are bound by lust.

Fortress of glass

Fortress of glass is where I live,

a stone’s throw away from you,

a defenite sign you refuse to give,

is it you? on the outside, moist dew;

unafraid if fort you shatter,

afraid glass shreds wound others,

my glass walls strong than steel matter,

enclosed safe from all weathers;

but in safety you not had,

nor in any daring risk,

disturb you? my bad,

my secrets only in your disk;

for you, I give up illusions of immortality,

me not a prince but a dunce,

lately awakened to reality,

nightmarish future seeking in bins buns.

I am prophecied

I am prophecied to lead an army of women,

who love and serve me true,

but what of the woman I love Zen,

he replied with a wink and smile drew;

my girls will win the world for me,

but by the time they appear, she may disappear,

nothing impossible for my girls, conquer all I see,

them I see daily, she I can’t see or hear;

for me they did murders and beyond,

made me richest in wealth and power,

yet can they with her me bond,

or am I fated to purr at her like cat forever;

fate is of cosmic river but one stream,

hate it and will soar with each stream.

Let Corona destroy

Let Corona destroy Kovai city,

despite my delightful kid bro there,

for I want to smash her into putty,

bro not mind, he care my welfare;

she never angel but little known devil,

but when became unknown angel,

ignoring without reason, she evil,

don’t want connection or wedding bell;

but even I deserve an answer,

even if no, paining the question mark,

sadist to bask in my torture, I quiver,

we had a duet sweeter than a skylark;

yet I curse her and the biased world,

to force a response while earth whirled.

At high noon

At high noon stared back at life,

what was got and what was lost,

time to reckon, not forced by strife,

but a tryst made by a longing past;

to cherish great joys and go when diminish,

joys that good can’t sustain and did lessen,

to keep promise, mid journey perish far before finish,

leave my rewards blind as much as miseries beyond reason;

unworthy final song, yet got no more to offer,

curse this duffer that gave little,

but decided long ago to die when it is time to here suffer,

dared challenge hell and heaven me brittle;

had great joys even as believe love and memories perish,

yet happy to carry them memories to the grave,

all say there are reasons more in life to cherish,

brave are those that live so pay no heed to my last rave.

Warrior – Midwife’s Daughter – 1

Surveyed from atop hill the lush green valley below,

reddening by the moment with blood of battle,

warring world, yet he at peace till now forced low,

not his war, yet to reach her must kill all in his way, human cattle;

she, he fixed in his mind as wife a while ago,

when he decided to marry disavowing bachelorhood,

as loneliness begged and society shunned single’s ego,

jubilant at married prospect, not knew had to hunt for that food;

there was a manhunt for him as he chased his to be bride,

but he killed no man, only men, powerful ones,

to take her against her will, failed begging her family swallowing pride;

her guardian a powerful general seeking a prince for her,

she a kid not knowing right from wrong,

he unfit to marry any girl had no choice but to grab his wonder,

barely knew her yet can’t turn, fought in her name battles long;

this was his frank war in a cunning world, his first and last,

he a goat forced in to a lion by a world of hyenas and foxes,

this wonder girl wasn’t the midwife’s daughter, that dream past,

planned life success, did zilch, now on way to his wonder ticked old boxes;

had claim to wonder girl from long dead ancestors,

that started his battles chasing her to reach this hill top,

no mountains scaled yet, no longer playing kid but playing fighter,

but choosing responsibility first time, this game started, till end can’t stop,

as warrior now, can battle back to unclaimed mid wife’s daughter;

yet didn’t sway as descended hill alone with a mad roar,

loved few but only to mid wife’s daughter proposed,

rejected till accepted, yet incomplete without kids to soar,

yet farewell due, bodies fell left and right in his charge as he love mused;

he had no direction to go but forward, however tough the path,

wonders chosen and made so by worthy beholder,

yet is it worth to go this far for a whim to cause this blood bath,

no love song to grab girl, he spurned and spurred by society got bolder;

(to contd. if in mood)