I write for

I write for myself I say. We all say that. But who wouldn’t love an audience a huge readership. The blogging world is chaotic to say the least. Your best efforts might go unnoticed because of sheer chance and ill timing and your not that good works might get more likes than you expected.

You see other works of genius you can never aspire to get appreciated and rightly so. Yet some trifling and not so good things also getting the same applause as the genius is disheartening.

I sometimes say that the blog is just a placeholder detailing the path of my journey till I get there. Where? At least one good work that I can own up to and beam with pride. Who am I kidding I will never get there. So I am stuck with the blog no matter what. What should I aspire for more likes, more follows. That will build gradually all by itself with time and a little patience on my side. And then what?

Well, I am thankful to the blog for I can see my mistakes, feel proud of certain nuances in certain works, lots of other works I get exposed to that inspire me (it is a double edged sword for it sometimes makes me feel inadequate and I can never aspire for such heights). Whatever it is blogging is encouraging me to do the one thing I love -write. And I write a lot nowadays. Both wheat and chaff (more chaff and less wheat) is captured for permanency in my blog.

If I could only write that one poem, one story or novel I will be thankful to my blog.



Isolated Girl

Before I even began to blog,
my inbox had a clog
of fan following,
not to see, but to be seen;

it isn’t lessening, to be so keen,
a pursuit whose vein, I too share;
yet a name stood out clean,
isolated girl, who are you?

I gave your words a simple try,
a puzzle too much for me to weigh,
life is pain, you say and cry,
it didn’t give me, even a sigh;

you shall be alone, for too long,
a worthy soul may come, or not;
for mates are found, each passing day,
can true soul mates, ever be found?

a worthy quest, only for those true,
may be a few, souls like you;
yet isolated girl, give life a try,
each moment, so precious to cry.