Happy go good lucky

Happy go good lucky guy,

no longer any reason to be shy,

thought better late than never,

let fly, need a bride banner;

never ever minded jokes on me,

happy to laugh any chance be,

yet this time none laughed along,

as wagged tail, age didn’t belong;

but how lower this idiot flag,

except to let at half mast slag,

my fun days never will end,

but will there be a bride godsend;

did seek her smiling all too meek,

who’ll love this idiot geek or ģreek.

Think Eves drop

Think eves drop from the sky,

rethink, they eaves drop and pry,

guys frank of this earth no better,

spill truths in guise, egotic banter;

beauty, cadence, skills no muster,

must err to seek high ground buster,

in musketeer’s battle cry, high ideal,

all for one, one for all, boldly real;

yet choose a side one must and trust,

push aside to rush in battle gust,

marriage I sought after age bar,

defeated in bar I doused fire for war;

sought it whatever be the price tag,

a prize tag, for fools like me who lag?


Pitch too high or low you lose,

pitch perfect yet you get a witch,

life is chase of a wild goose,

lose all in the wedding ditch;

yet man or woman can’t be single,

as society shuns and babies entice,

single girls stalked, guys can’t mingle,

scorned, the single till give up spice;

every virtue a vice here, none wise,

if able singles ridiculed on virility,

sexually imperfect me ineligible dice,

yet happy me play with impunity;

wanting a daughter, waiting a bride,

if my luck failed won’t drown in tide.

Reddened my eyes’ cornea

Reddened my eyes’ cornea,

I am the deadly virus corona,

cure me now of my blood mania,

or I kill all, dons to prima donna;

why the blood lust dare you ask,

single and paining, days and nights,

no match despite doing assigned task,

despite fights, denied my rights;

all ’cause I am innocent without guile,

refused to play cunning world’s game,

also my clinical madness, not my vile,

hoping for wife even roamed tame;

not anymore, either world at my feet,

or I go forth where there is no retreat.

Warrior – Midwife’s Daughter – 1

Surveyed from atop hill the lush green valley below,

reddening by the moment with blood of battle,

warring world, yet he at peace till now forced low,

not his war, yet to reach her must kill all in his way, human cattle;

she, he fixed in his mind as wife a while ago,

when he decided to marry disavowing bachelorhood,

as loneliness begged and society shunned single’s ego,

jubilant at married prospect, not knew had to hunt for that food;

there was a manhunt for him as he chased his to be bride,

but he killed no man, only men, powerful ones,

to take her against her will, failed begging her family swallowing pride;

her guardian a powerful general seeking a prince for her,

she a kid not knowing right from wrong,

he unfit to marry any girl had no choice but to grab his wonder,

barely knew her yet can’t turn, fought in her name battles long;

this was his frank war in a cunning world, his first and last,

he a goat forced in to a lion by a world of hyenas and foxes,

this wonder girl wasn’t the midwife’s daughter, that dream past,

planned life success, did zilch, now on way to his wonder ticked old boxes;

had claim to wonder girl from long dead ancestors,

that started his battles chasing her to reach this hill top,

no mountains scaled yet, no longer playing kid but playing fighter,

but choosing responsibility first time, this game started, till end can’t stop,

as warrior now, can battle back to unclaimed mid wife’s daughter;

yet didn’t sway as descended hill alone with a mad roar,

loved few but only to mid wife’s daughter proposed,

rejected till accepted, yet incomplete without kids to soar,

yet farewell due, bodies fell left and right in his charge as he love mused;

he had no direction to go but forward, however tough the path,

wonders chosen and made so by worthy beholder,

yet is it worth to go this far for a whim to cause this blood bath,

no love song to grab girl, he spurned and spurred by society got bolder;

(to contd. if in mood)

He was high as a kite

He was high as a kite,
she sober as a math class,
yet a regular couple in spite,
fighting and doting crass,
he no hero from yonder,
she not any the better,
yet they make me wonder,
why willing they chose fetter;

I long for an attentive partner,
that won’t impinge my freedom,
and not be an emotional burner,
a permanent cure for my boredom,
alas that is not written for sick me,
fated to be alone for now and ever,
society holds back and I can’t be free,
a bird that can’t fly but does hover;

if not destined to rhyme as a couplet,
can I be a tercet, an addendum of sorts,
what pitiful thought to consider and fret,
as many tree leaves, want to win as many hearts,
if boredom and solitude are my bane,
need to hurry faster to defeat them,
at this snail’s pace there is no marked lane,
to gather rage and courage and produce a gem;

I made a few plans but destiny said otherwise,
some accept fate and munch leaves like a caterpillar,
I shall become a butterfly and fly beyond the high shingle,
and if there be hurdles, shall work hard as a tiller,
being single doesn’t mean I can’t in society mingle,
I shall be a stately, steady and surefooted pillar,
soothed in a kid’s laughter or a smiling old wrinkle,
if a couple dare threaten my space, I’ll be a cold killer.

Oh where can I rest

Oh where can I rest these tired legs,

I’ve wandered far and wide inside my soul,

found nought in my wanderings, no dregs,

finding a place that I can call home is my goal;

folks allow me gladly in to their hearths,

but can’t tarry long overstaying their hospitality,

people stare from their secure comfortable berths,

for I am a poor creature lacking social ability;

even fellow wanderers treat me shabbily,

for they wander with purpose and courage,

they trod on forcefully, uncaring and happily,

I am left alone staring at my life, a blank page;

yet I breathe in the hope of finding a home someday,

find some one to call my own and end painful disarray.