Mom a Cliche

Clichés are hated by all, but the cliche you hate may be a truth for some one else. Mom is some one who loves you truly, understood by all; has been exaggerated to a cliche.

Yet there are times when one remembers the word mom though, as follows

1. One is severely hungry yet is forced to say no to food offered, for formality’s sake.
2. You’ve been morose and silent, but others complain of some behavior wrong in you, you’ll recall how she said the world was wrong while you were right.
3. When your wife says you’re selfish and you remember how your mom said she, your mom was alone selfish, and you later realize what a joke it was.
4. Everyone relies totally on someone near, be it brother, sister, or friend, or even a remote most benevolent god, but all judge your worthiness. In short all is reciprocation, except mom’s care.

There are some who’ve lost a near and dear, some who’ve known this loss that even God can’t fill, but not me who has never known such loss. May be I never will, I’m fortunate that way. This statement is a simple riddle, those keen shall easily infer.