Think Eves drop

Think eves drop from the sky,

rethink, they eaves drop and pry,

guys frank of this earth no better,

spill truths in guise, egotic banter;

beauty, cadence, skills no muster,

must err to seek high ground buster,

in musketeer’s battle cry, high ideal,

all for one, one for all, boldly real;

yet choose a side one must and trust,

push aside to rush in battle gust,

marriage I sought after age bar,

defeated in bar I doused fire for war;

sought it whatever be the price tag,

a prize tag, for fools like me who lag?

Oh blog

Oh blog, you were all I needed,
content playing within your boundary,
like not suffice, for love I pleaded,
intend to leave you alone as obituary;

hope to raise an army from within your walls,
to toil and wear, my words like gospel spread,
can hear the jeering ridicule and catcalls,
yet shall find my brave three hundred;

your time and my effort shall soar soon,
an edifice of words built brick by brick,
that takes you to and fro from the moon,
not a stunt pulled or lure of a cheap trick,

but some magic that will stand the test of time,
now and ever pronounced the immortal rhyme.

Impatient and restless

Impatient and restless,
I can’t wait,
woes of boredom countless,
yet bite bait;

some play games on mobile,
rhyming silly my game,
that occupies me for a while,
incompetent verses without shame;

dragging low loftier thoughts,
this inane rambling,
that conquers no fresh hearts,
does it matter I sing;

for in a busy world who does hear,
I silently hide the ever lingering tear.

A tiresome day weeps

A tiresome day weeps for a lonely night,
a patched life, sweet and sour, seeks release,
exit denied, each new day is the old sight,
when will chaos end and dawn peace;

change as only constant, a lie, for all same,
same boredom, same drudgery, same pain,
joy a memory, still possible in life’s game,
the parched soiled sands seek pure rain;

but with rain comes thunder frightening,
what use invisible rainbows at night dancing,
can’t move in dark with spasms of lightning
as the torch, mud puddles in path prancing;

a lonely night calls for a cheerful and eager day,
a rainy holiday where in groups inside we stay.

I wish to hum

I wish to hum a happy song,
but how flow from my sad pen,
calling beauty and love along,
on a joyous journey to heaven;

words not potent as used to be,
worlds in my tired brain shut,
today and all days only joy see,
the knot with clinging grief cut;

no sorries for my words plain,
a plain man, carry no pretence,
chime here with hidden pain,
to summon joy that intense;

for grateful am I to all the soul,
that erase pain to guide my goal.

I spurn you not

I spurn you not my love, my blog,
my dream of a novel is going brisk,
that failed to whisper here or even log,
why bother? both efforts do with great risk;

little gained in lieu of idle time spent,
away from boredom, a sneaky serpent,
else naught earned, how pay the rent,
blame you not yet wayward I’ve went;

you both, dreams in my world mundane,
that keep me going through the grind,
the hope that prevents me going insane,
a greed beyond your help to unwind;

that one day you’ll make me famous and rich,
but my hair gone grey as I still remain in the ditch.

Why blast me

Why blast me?
am I easy prey?
why not free?
have I no say?

I too breathe and live,
got enough self esteem,
though nothing to give,
can’t live as you deem;

will live as I wish,
or not live at all,
even be spoilt dish,
not on beck and call;

let me do my will and be free,
and do stop your yelling spree.

I feel more than a thousand

I feel more than a thousand years old,
where the old centurions seem little kids,
the youth mere infants with tales yet to unfold,
heavy with mirth strive to keep open eyelids;

my clinically mad life here a lost and found game,
most of it lost in craziness or laziness insatiable,
yet between a hazy, salty life is lived albeit tame,
but the end game is far away, I will turn the table;

each passing day I get more meaningful and wise,
even silly, wild, lazy me is turned active and mature,
self loathing dies slowly and I will not seek to entice,
I shall dance with joy and rejoice beauty’s rapture;

yet I shall never cease to rhyme till end of time,
I shall love all and sundry even if it be a crime. 


Stop the rhyme 
for though beautiful 
now beyond welcome.

Stop the race
for though motivating for some,
pain for those facing crippling defeat.

Stop deceit
for you were not clever in your con
but he magnanimous to let you.

Stop glorifying romance
though uplifting and addictive
it is still a mundane obsession. 

Stop for the song birds sing
hear in it only the silence of nature
interspersed with soft sounds. 

Stop at the shop
for even poets have needs to fill
who knows a treasure might await.

Stop the pace
where headed hectic?
why so busy?

Stop smoking, stop ranting,
stop raving, stop immaturity,
stop everything and start anew.

Start love, Start a joyful forbearance,
a new start to lighten your load, 
smile and start happiness though the end be near. 

What is it sonnet

What is it sonnet that you and I have, why so close,
is it due to our early embrace, spoiled me for other forms,
you are my saviour, my medication, but what heavy dose,
now I try to transcend you and write with sweating palms;

anything new takes time but slowly our skills bloom,
but I don’t linger anywhere that I can hope to master,
my ever so wavering, fleeting mind shall be my doom,
at times like these I return to you and my dreams foster;

you my first love but unlike with women I am allowed more,
I grapple with a limerick, haiku or the occasional Villanesque,
if only with you alone, I remain, but my primal lust comes afore, 
you conquer my dreams too, even when I am not in my desk;

knowing full well with confidence that you will be there for me
I embark on the treacherous seas of novel forms with glee.