Days pass without a feasible goal

Days pass without a feasible goal,
with fatigue eating my soul,
let go of those lofty aims for now,
difficult but be done somehow;

accept today with a few changes simple,
make habits and preserve like a temple,
hard as hell but actions to be taken,
can’t be drifting forever, time to awaken;

writing isn’t excuse to not work proper,
accept the effort and pain to prosper,
work’s pain better than idleness gain,
repute not changed in a day, forget stain;

no one gains things easy, it was hard done,
the craftier pens, how far they’ve run,
start now with fresh focus in spare time,
keep running you’ll find your own rhyme;

chase not fame, applauses die down,
live for sense of attainment without crown,
be meaning to life, each day lived well,
peel away old life to have a new life swell.

Che Guevara Quotes in today’s context – 1


1. Betterment is a bitter mint.


2. Dilli chalo ya mumbai, bus chalo befikar.


3. Accept defeat, but never concede it.

Che q1

4. Better be whatever you are now rather than bowing to the unknown in hope of achieving your deepest ambition. For those who say bow down never know the meaning of ambition or courage. For ambitions are truly achieved only when done without ever bowing once.


5. There are phases in everyone’s life where the things they take for granted are put under threat. It means there is a change around the corner. To embrace it or fight it is left to each man himself.


6. Ud ud meri yaaro na mud mud yaaro, duniya dekhi saari par ab hai theri baari.


7. Take at least half measures to meet change when it is around the corner.


8. Hiding behind words like realistic, pragmatical etc is to climb high in this corrupt world is fine but at last one has to live with his conscience.