A Shop Keeper

[ kajalwriterblog.wordpress.com has a poem from the POV of death and was good. So I was inspired to write this piece about a shopkeeper.]

Wake up when the sun is still sleeping,

daily ablutions in the dark and freezing cold,

off to the market in the moped leaping,

haggling, shouting, roaring, for you got to be bold;

flying back to open the sacred shop in time,

arranging things in part chaotic part orderly fashion,

careful in dealing, so as to not let loose a dime,

for though shop abundant, home has a meagre ration;

stay sharp as a fox, smile, be funny, be stubborn,

for customers come in all shapes and moods

cunning, clever, angry, sad, crazy men and women,

deal with suppliers watchful for any broken goods;

a quickly had limited breakfast and lunch in the shop

all the while apologising to the folks for the delay,

have to trust people to sell on credit on top,

never able to sit running an endless relay;

Close shop very late in the night when even owls rested,

have a quick dinner and lie as sleep comes quickly,

here I sat thinking I was given a raw deal and was being tested,

time now to enjoy all I have and stop being fickly.