I will conquer a million

I will conquer a million hearts and souls,
will chop off heads of those opposing,
reach all my high set ambitious goals,
unseat those from high horses judging;

weave net of wisdom to catch my dream,
moving against all odds I shall be king,
inch by inch, sweating, move upstream,
soon a happy song of glory I shall sing;

the battle is on, why subtle or hide now,
a raging lone warrior, who will fill my ranks,
not gentle souls whispering peace and love,
if need be, alone face accomplished tanks;

lost love, fear not loss of life, hear my battle cry,
it will echo in all ears till the day I succeed or die.

I gotta bad vision – rap

I gotta bad vision,
am on a mad mission,
beware my emission,
you on a safe cushion;

I hit hard and fast, 
won’t know what it was,
broken bones, hand in cast,
if you don’t let me pass;
the club is full,
enter me the bull,
everyone’s dancing,
I pick a fancy thing;
a girl in shining red,
I hope to take to bed,
I snort the white coke,
approach as a cool bloke;

I gotta bad vision,
am on a mad mission,
beware my emission,
you on a safe cushion;

I spin her a little,
she is so brittle,
but first gotta job to do,
a murder to attend to;
I get close and stab hard,
retrieve the blade, I am god,
the gentrified crowd shrieks,
the tension there peaks;
I pull the girl away,
towards the exit door,
she had no say,
as I dragged her sore;

I gotta bad vision,
am on a mad mission,
beware my emission,
you on a safe cushion;

I rap and tap, snap and clap,
as I rumble folks just tremble,
I have a rap sheet, beat any trap,
in and out of prison I won’t crumble;
hey, I am just a stone cold killer,
you made me thus, society’s pillar,
crime pulled like flame does a moth,
I wouldn’t have walked this path;
if not for my rock bottom penury,
am not bothered about your jury
I kill and bask in the bloody swill,
I am a tough nut to crack at will;
no bad momma worried on me,
I worry on none, I am truly free;

I gotta bad vision,
am on a mad mission,
beware my emission,
you on a safe cushion;


Discordant note

The smoke twirling in my room, 
from cigarettes burning,
I try to let a happy song boom,
untamed by half peeled awning;

amusingly enough for a sad theme,
verses flow in a gush,
but muse unstirred for happy dream,
without her I’ve to work the brush;

an infant’s smile, joy beyond words,
today I don’t mind it isn’t my own,
I soar like the flight of birds,
to have witnessed beauty on loan;

joys had and not shared, 
fade like an old painting,
it is good to feel cared,
to care is painful joy waiting;

I can share a smoke,
that you would happily inhale,
but my brush stroke,
what care you for it stale;

but it doesn’t matter,
there will be some traveller,
another weary fly swatter,
or perhaps a true reveller;

who’ll enjoy this joyous song,
beautifully painted with care,
and echo its notes far and long,
enjoying a soul laid bare.

Joy is in nature,
in human nature I say,
nature of artists, a caricature,
cheery song that follows will stay.

A joy not built on mountain tops,
not of travels far and wide,
but with mundane props,
of jokes and laughter by road side;

of books read, movies seen and songs heard,
a song like this,
from an unshaven bard,
a fleeting bliss;

more joy, books and songs written,
though unseen and unheard,
the writing bug will leave forever smitten,
to foist upon a worthier word;

a beautiful maiden’s face,
a loving pet’s nuzzle,
a long past unforgotten embrace,
an ever so light drizzle;

all speak of my joys,
nay our joys galore,
for these simple mirths voice
a mundane urban folklore;

in our shared remembrance 
hoisted the flag high,
a flag of perseverance,
to sing of joy tearing open the sky;

the cute toddlers, greatest beauty,
lost in joyous worlds their own,
the joy in doing one’s duty,
my duty that writes with joy and  passion;

there are umpteen joys that others have,
travel, adventure, nature, cooking, knitting,
puzzles, muzzles and much more to rave,
each lost in a joy of their own fitting.

There are folks who weep and bleed,
I too am guilty of being occasionally thus,
pay no heed to that noxious weed,
make merry not making out of life a big fuss;

I fault to stretch this joy song long,
in brevity you find beauty,
yet I haven’t been wrong,
for to elongate for me is to drink fruity;

nearing the end, what of death,
I fear him, oh, nay her, no more,
for having found heaven on earth
I shall depart before I feel pain or bore;

yet I too have wishes unfulfilled,
to have created beauty without compare,
to have felt lasting love of a dame strong willed,
to have kept unquenched the creative flare;

what if I lose a few battles, the war is won,
can’t be joyous all the time,
but all the pains will be soon done,
joy shall be the permanent chime;

the smoke from my nostril rises higher,
my thoughts bright without peace or rest,
my words joyous or sad have no buyer,
my ode to joy and happiness is put to a test;

my fingers dancing with joy are now tired,
the song birds ceased long ago,
I feel the end, but am still fired,
move on, find somewhere new to go;

oh, happy to have known love,
I weep with joy and float,
for here in this world somehow
made musical even this discordant note. 




I wanna rap – Rap

I wanna rap,

wake from your nap,

y’all need to clap,

hit me, beat me but don’t ever dote me,

for I a’int your friend,

rather a fiend,

I am raw, won’t ever thaw, wanted by law,

with a thousand flaw, don’t pity, no need your straw,

you’ve got to listen, I am just out of prison,

if that don’t scare you, a few punches would bare you,

I rock the streets, don’t stare, don’t dare, I won’t care,

and kick you with my cleats, I am just what your eye meets,

no more and no less, you’ve got the gumption

to question my consumption, never did murder

but you tempt me sorely ho, don’t fret, don’t wet,

this is all my mojo, I hustle with a bustle,

why am I such, ’cause I’ve seen much,

just a typical guy from the ghetto wanting to get rich.

I wanna rap,

wake from your nap,

y’all need to clap.


I chanced upon

I chanced upon
a deep green pond
that sought my whispers
and echoed along.

I was lost
in my sounds
and croaked at the stars
croaked at the moon
without a pause.

Us frogs’ croaks
filled the night time sky
no silence all around.

I once heard a cuckoo
sweet music aspired
in my croaks.

The cuckoos were silent
as I croaked on and on
and I swore to be mute
and not croak anymore
but my nature was just
that I couldn’t shut.

So at last
to give and find peace
I prayed to forever croak. 
(as in die)

That cuckoos may sing
may be spare a song
for us foolish frogs
that tried their hands
and went away for peace.

Oh darling

Oh!, darling, I thought you were strong,
you did ditch me, I was really wrong,
for my depth, you’re too shallow,
this misery won’t make me wallow,
you’ll sure weep on Mr.Right’s boring song.

Love and Beauty

Where night ends, day begins,
every beginning has an end,
why is it? My love, my friend,
all waste to end in dustbins;

you are all my kith and kin,
beauty, love and affection blend,
my dirtied conscience,
rusted soul you rinse;

your eyelids open just to close,
but then opens freshly again,
in the seas the waves rose,
only to subside without any gain;

your beauty, youth, style and poise,
shall also end much to my strain.

What Dreams

What dreams, what thoughts, make a man lonely,
for what, didn’t all, come from the same press only,
or what deeds are that, that make a man lonely,
in truth, is there any one holy, or really lonely;
is it mere melancholy, there’s no such thing as ugly,
why should you talk, when I don’t listen,
why should I be loved by any one,
when I see, only myself truly;
come here, not for me, nor my thoughts,
for am I worthy of you in any way,
yet come, for the times, when you miss
someone, near, dear or far away;
or yet when you feel unvalued
or even desolate and lonely,
for my tunes though unloved,
might just make you see the light.