I believe I can triumph

I believe I can triumph over we,

but where and who am I,

ever fleeing, am I just a flea?

that won’t bite or die;


days lengthen and so do nights

go without toil,

while victors share the spoil,

I am lost in inner fights;


Do I have a place in the we

do I really belong any place at all

I ponder over nightly hours in the wee

without true pride is there no fall?


whatever I am is not for today,

may be tomorrow is my day.



They say fickle

They say fickle is fame

yet can’t extinguish the flame,

the fire within refuses to burn out,

runs out of bounds stout;

why bother about the million

when can’t enthral the numbered few,

ever a spectator in the pavilion

away from distant cries and hue;

lacking talent and even will

making myself a fool,

never ready for the kill

yet for fame my drool;

heard about poker billionaire

but what of a player like me in solitaire.

I wrote for me

I wrote for me

I wrote for her

wrote and wrote to be

without a care;

till the day came to pass

where my writing had to pause

without a comment or like

the pen went on a strike;

my motive is impure

that is for sure

I seek from her, a platitude

but she never gives any latitude;

I am not human but a tail wagging dog

seeking a pat or a bone through the fog.

A day like this

A day like this ended a year before
without cheer or much uproar,
it tore my heart even then
to be locked alone in this pen;
if love and romance is sweet nectar
being unloved and single is worse than tar,
a fact hammered down one’s throat
on each valentine’s day, a severe drought;

this day too shall pass like others,
yet the intense pain, none surpass;
as the day dawns, so does the truth
that forever alone will I be, uncouth;

yes, love transcends romance
but how and who will end my lonely dance.


I struck at the world

I struck at the world in mad rage,
which reached back in kindness,
with its infinitely wide visage,
yet I couldn’t accept my blindness;

why mould me into their image,
I will not bow to their highness,
and will never share their cage,
uncouth I’ll never know their finesse;

I am human and share the same page,
yet will never shun the inner brightness,
and will tear evil, mighty power’s camouflage,
for that in myriad ways shaping my fitness;

end not count, where, how travel, nor farewell,
but along path, how far love and truth dwell.

Break free

‘Break free’, the heart thundered,
shatter shackles, leap on the boulder,
shaky me yet surrendered,
this cause, needs a hand, of mighty wonder;

no rules in God’s name, nor look to the cloud,
do it here yourself and make him proud,
break free, the willows echo,
break free, the rivers will show;

not god, not law or society can hold me tight,
the shackled who love me, say please be near,
beg and they shout, its for the best and right,
what to do, I stumble, yet will win my desire;

rules good for society, when with few mighty,
break free to crush injustice even if almighty.

A doubter

A doubter in the doubtless ocean tossed,
here thrown asunder, before final drown,
I can’t swim, nor my heart, moment paused,
vultures zoom, yet I sigh, never got the crown;

log floated nearby, not act of merciful god,
yet god, experiential thought, none can defy,
whose log, whose god, many questions asked,
biased waters plug nose, in God’s name justify,

not understood, unloved by narrow folks,
my quirky self asked God, if you’re there,
whom do you love most, me or those crooks,
from up above a voice said I love all with care;

I show it to you daring, for you need it most,
can’t threaten you, follow me, or you’re toast.