Unselfish Ancestors

From stone age,
it has been a long voyage,
for the human race
has set a fast pace;

Now the world we face
is such a beautiful place,
we are in debt
to the unselfish ancestral sect;

they hadn’t what we had
but have left us more,
yet we are mad
to let it all ashore;

they never let their tear droops dry,
so that we may not cry,
one needn’t give,
but just live and let live;

Mankind faced such torment
to have its happy moment,
are we happy now?
no, we wage wars anew;

the dream of mankind,
the product of the mind,
which toil of men drew,
to the point it becomes true;

but all the hatred and pain,
the only remain,
of war and famine,
has put all efforts in vain;

We wasted it all
after growing so tall,
if we ignore the warning call,
mankind will make its final fall.