I am single

I am single
I don’t mingle,
it is tough
it ain’t a transient bough;

there are those that love me deep
selfish I am and all I do is make them weep,
what abilitities, I am impotent putty,
yet I fight to stay away from world’s pity;

In another’s hearth I am just nobody I cried,
it dawned, singles too got hearth, tears dried,
why is it the hand that gives you food
tell you, you are unfit to hunt, for your good?

I got to move with or against gods
I gotta move against all odds,
I gotta move to keep it all up in wraps
to escape that I set in confusion, my traps;

Oh powerful girl I thought you were mine,
crybaby I am, cry even when fine,
never saw you cry, wondered how strong,
then recalled tears in your story, I am wrong;

I am alone yet feel no pain,
I strive on odd days for some gain,
I fool myself saying not all days are alike,
this hope prevents me, hanging from a pike;

then I called a gutsy shot,
what if I am all alone,
what if I am unloved and love no one,
the world is still mine to live;

for these dark clouds of mine
shall forever not pass
yet there are lightnings of fun,
for those moments, I live and die.