Impatient and restless

Impatient and restless,
I can’t wait,
woes of boredom countless,
yet bite bait;

some play games on mobile,
rhyming silly my game,
that occupies me for a while,
incompetent verses without shame;

dragging low loftier thoughts,
this inane rambling,
that conquers no fresh hearts,
does it matter I sing;

for in a busy world who does hear,
I silently hide the ever lingering tear.

Waiters wait

Waiters wait.
I just can’t.
Waited long.
No food yet.

Hungry eyes.
Longing souls.
Not me here.
Those kids there.

Food well cooked.
Who does care.
Laugh aloud.
Your kid is fed.

Stop the dance.
Share the food.
Do it now.
Or I’ll eat you alive.