Wattpad Link

I am new to wattpad but have posted all my longer version stories or the novels there. This is my Wattpad profile id . Feel free to use this link and read my novels. If you are a wattpadder yourself then share your ids below. Everyone benefits in a synergy. Even if you aren’t a wattpadder visit the stories in your spare time. Thanks for the support all you folks have rendered so far. Hope this post doesn’t impinge on any etiquettes.

Diary (12/03/2019)

My restaurant is still being readied and hopefully would start soon. The blog is the greatest to have happened to me. Yet it is not an apt forum for posting novels. I have joined wattpad. This is where I stand on wattpad. I am determined to have my novel read even if it meant I have to read all the novels the site hosts. The blog shall always be my first love. I am damn poor in social media. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter though I have accounts. If possible I’ll rectify it. But I shall always have my blog.