Dreamt an army

Dreamt an army of women for me,

all young, modern, free and joyous,

them shackled, it never meant to be,

did get frustrated me frivolous;

till dawned my failure’s import,

me, a one man army fighting hard

to guide their dreams safely to port,

one man against any chauvnist lord;

I dared defy the world for my girls,

furore rose, their miseries swept,

took on bigoted world in my unruly curls,

alone I fought as they for me wept;

my harsh rage unquelled seeking end,

must free them before I die in next bend.


An army of men

An army of men I got,

it all came unsought,

not had by many that bought,

why crave army of women tart?

not sexual though I a pervert,

but to satiate childhood introvert,

that fought to become this extrovert,

though shattered my fort;

an army to make,

and not break,

who better than girls that don’t fake,

an army of girls I’ll leave in my wake;

an army to defeat hell’s wrath,

to make heaven of this earth.




Where are my girls?

Where are my girls?

an army of women I dreamt of,

are they just my mind swirls,

or are they euphemism?;

for the one true girl I seek,

how can it be?

for any single girl, weak,

before the army I shall die for;

in my dreams I lived true,

to all my values and cherished love

through impossible cruel orders

to my girls of my liberal view;

through them I did murders fast,

is it why my dreams untrue to last?

I am prophecied

I am prophecied to lead an army of women,

who love and serve me true,

but what of the woman I love Zen,

he replied with a wink and smile drew;

my girls will win the world for me,

but by the time they appear, she may disappear,

nothing impossible for my girls, conquer all I see,

them I see daily, she I can’t see or hear;

for me they did murders and beyond,

made me richest in wealth and power,

yet can they with her me bond,

or am I fated to purr at her like cat forever;

fate is of cosmic river but one stream,

hate it and will soar with each stream.

I challenge God

I challenge God,

defeat him I must,

as his minions lord,

I betray, broke the trust;

today fulfil my quest,

with my work severe,

overcome many a test,

his magical head I sever;

how I defeat him you wonder,

an army of women I summon,

they obey and are my thunder,

I not human but styled demon;

they share not my plunder,

yet bear all my vile blunder.

Smart phones

Smart phones, smarter people, blazing rocket,
smiley faces, happy hearts, babies held high,
working hard, ambitions unmindful of sweat,
helping near, dear and those afar, or do try;

proud to be amidst today’s jolly good fellows,
women today, strong as oak, sweet as honey,
painting bright picture, truth is cranky life goes,
on its own, high or low, with or without money;

yet the fine tuned trumpets blow a happy tune,
there is a chasm, wars, poverty, near and far,
these kind, do their part even in that dune,
moving world, giving food, comfort, what care;

those on the pavement, salute your pace,
remember they’re humans too, not a different race.