Words ran

Words ran without care,

ugly or beautiful but true,

mindless of how I fare,

tempted by Muse or shrew;

maybe rightly mocked for it bitter,

didn’t deter for it gave great joy,

yet is it okay when I need babysitter,

as adult is it right to still play and toy;

lived two lives, on earth and in dreams,

saw joy shift from world to one in mind,

isn’t it natural to migrate to inviting themes,

to woo me here must make joy and be kind;

to me mind’s world real, who are you to refute,

so go away or fulfil my every wish without dispute.







I wish I were a girl

I wish I were a girl,
as I look in the mirror,
a dress billowing as I twirl,
a secret wish of terror;

to be held firm by a man,
to submit fully to his will,
wear dress that invites a ban,
a kiss that forever hold still;

could be done in world today,
but what will society think,
or if feeling doesn’t last a day,
can’t remove the horrible stink;

neither trans nor bi sexual being,
older I get, I get an asexual feeling.



Says the traffic cop,

a minister is coming.


A burden too heavy

balanced on thighs

of a pillion rider.


The lanes blocked.


The colour of ambulance trapped.


The minister too high

unreachable and inaccessible

to the lay man.



Not with the ballot

the alternate worse.

Then with a bullet

tempting, but not worth it,

yet there is a way.


Then what?

Activism, Civil Disobedience,

Non Cooperation,

Gandhian Resurrection.

Weapons, that of a digital age,

in social media the rage

and out of it on streets

show courage.


Not us but them that don’t change.


All the rest 

gotta change 

be honest and humble.


And then the world

and our nation 

shall celebrate in joy. 

Joyous world

Oh, what a joy and what a day,
the milk was spilt eons ago,
why worry now, I’ve found my way,
the world cheerful, a loving show;

I decide to be happy and thoughtful
even as I stumble and bumble,
gone days, when cheer only a handful,
the sun scorches yet I happily rumble;

I never went far and never seen snow,
the pale white being, all places flowing,
but see it in a picture, glad to know,
someday may see, but kept moving;

joy is something you wish and have plenty,
you just got to pour out grief until its empty. 

She sat there

She sat there with her clothes torn scorning the world with a steely gaze,

little scoundrels with all innocence threw stones at her shabby self,

insane spooky lady go away they yelled yet she sat on as if in a daze,

she floated several galaxies away as though not a human but an elf;

the morn dawns for all they say yet why was it all misty and dark for her,

the sun’s rays refuse to penetrate her grime filled bloodied skin,

the uncaring world didn’t ditch her but she who shunned it all wiser,

an epithet insane was not given easily she had to wrestle to win;

it seemed that she was mocking all the busy men in their myriad errands,

with her steely composition strangely calm in a mad max world,

was beyond joy or grief now, yet I wonder where were her family and friends,

what incident did happen to make her lose all and turn so cold;

little did I realise that I was staring at a former beauty queen

that betrayal of the ones she loved had made her build this screen.


I Realize Now

I realize now

what stuff

gods are made of

when I saw a dog

disappear only to be seen

few paces ahead.

God is not the reverse

of dog or man

but the connect of the individual

which perveades through all living

and non living things.

Dog or god all need to be

dealt with kindly.

Yet now I need to keep him away

for the little devil

I have turned out to be.

Neither man nor god can have it all.

One takes chances

or makes choices

to live through each day

after a level of maturity

after realizing we are

part gods of this



My crown, I suffer most

My god, am I in the right place or should I say great Rand why am I here. Now more than ever I believe that I should have made Rand my god instead of keeping an open mind and seeking greater or other truths.

Most of my posts are inspired from the blog world. I believe they not only represent the world but also the brighter side of it. Let us say Ayn Rand believed that abilitities and skills should decide an individual’s position and not his needs. Also emphasized individual’s rights over weighed the collective and lot many things.

Here everyone is selling something, that is okay, most are trying to cash in on their weaknesses and afflictions which I know to be genuine. I don’t believe in fakes. In short pity and their needs are being sold like hot cakes. This is symptomatic of the modern world’s greatest affliction to exploit others generosity or compassion, which in turn comes from the need to ease guilt.

Helen Kellers of the world aren’t known for their affliction, some know them for what they did despite that, we know her for what she did beyond that. Here some revealing their short comings pitifully, yet go beyond that to reveal great talent of immense measure and are not even interested in money and want only sharing. All I ask is why? But why the pitiful pitch?

Who am I to ask this? In talent and skill I am unfit to kiss the dust that the foot of these giants have tread on. I too have an affliction that has crashed my life several times over, yet I can’t give that as an excuse as I have seen people with far greater afflictions do greater things. I am at the bottom of the dog pile and Ayn Rand’s theory has no space for the likes of us, it is about inspiring to reach heights. Even from the bottom i don’t grudge Rand’s theory.

It is in the arena of political and economic power that change is needed and a need based approach is needed in specific areas to create a level playing field. It is in this area that I hope to run with Che in the opposite direction to Ayn Rand. But remember the Ches of the world will never cringe show me mercy, I have needs, I have a love, I have Tanya, so please spare me.

Despite all this I not only understand but have a strong urge, need to share my affliction, agony, pain, in that process hear another’s sojourn there, cry on each other’s shoulders.

Yet that cannot be a claim for my need or even my love (very lately realized).

In short let us pause for the whiners and respect the doers and whine little ourselves and try to do more.