At high noon

At high noon stared back at life,

what was got and what was lost,

time to reckon, not forced by strife,

but a tryst made by a longing past;

to cherish great joys and go when diminish,

joys that good can’t sustain and did lessen,

to keep promise, mid journey perish far before finish,

leave my rewards blind as much as miseries beyond reason;

unworthy final song, yet got no more to offer,

curse this duffer that gave little,

but decided long ago to die when it is time to here suffer,

dared challenge hell and heaven me brittle;

had great joys even as believe love and memories perish,

yet happy to carry them memories to the grave,

all say there are reasons more in life to cherish,

brave are those that live so pay no heed to my last rave.


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